Florida Homeowners Insurance, what doesn’t it cover?

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You may be familiar with a standard Florida homeowners insurance policy. Some people are, while others are not. Are you aware of what is and isn’t covered by a standard policy? When a disaster occurs, it is your best bet to know what will not be covered. Especially when shopping for homeowners quotes.

What isn’t covered by my policy?

A standard FL home insurance policy will help cover your home against multiple forms of disaster or perils. According to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/homeowners-insurance-florida/, perils can be defined as a risk that can inflict damage on your home. It is best to know what the exclusions in your policy are. That way you save your heartache and money.


An earthquake is not covered by your Florida home insurance policy. Not only earthquakes but sinkholes and movements of the ground will not be covered.

Water damage / Flooding

Any type of flooding or water damage will not be covered by your policy. A homeowner must purchase a flood insurance policy. A flood insurance policy will also include and can be purchased separately. Other kinds of water damage done are excluded too. If you happen to have overflows or a sewer pump back up, your standard policy is not responsible for covering the damages. This is important to know when collecting Florida homeowners quotes.


If you do not complete proper maintenance on your home. You will end up paying costly repair bills that your policy will not cover. There are so many things that aren’t covered in your policy as a result of failure to regularly maintain your property. Some of these damages will include termite damage, rodent damage, mold, rot, and other wear.


While it may seem pretty out there, your home will not be covered against war or nuclear hazard. Identity theft expenses are also not covered, but additional coverage can be added.

Before collecting homeowners quotes at Floridainsurancequotes.net, you must be aware of what will be covered and what isn’t. That way there are no surprises when the time to file a claim comes. Shop around online to find amazing deals. It’s really not that hard to find deals that will fit your budget! All it takes is some careful planning and some research and you are on your way! Start shopping the web today and get the quotes you need!